We Can Put A Stop To Creditor Calls

  • Are you receiving harassing telephone calls from creditors?
  • Are your neighbors or family members being contacted by your creditors?
  • Is a creditor threatening to sue you for an unpaid debt even though you have filed for bankruptcy?

The actions of creditors are highly regulated by the federal government through the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). These regulations are extremely strict when it comes to creditor actions once a consumer has filed for bankruptcy.

At Park & Nguyen, we have more than 30 years of experience protecting individuals and families from poor or illegal consumer collections practices. Call 718-414-6187 to schedule your free telephone consultation. With offices in the Bronx or in Newark, we provide comprehensive, personalized bankruptcy assistance to clients in New York and New Jersey

Don't Put Up With Illegal Consumer Collections Practices

All too often, we see that our bankruptcy clients continue to be contacted by collection agencies after our clients have retained our services. This is an illegal debt collections practice. Collection agencies must also cease and desist with regard to any lawsuit or garnishment once you have filed for bankruptcy.

Once you hire bankruptcy counsel, all debt collectors must stop contacting you and those around you. Instead, they must work through your lawyer. Our attorneys will act as your intermediary with regard to all collectors. This will give you the peace of mind and freedom you need to focus on the rest of your life.

We Work Hard So You Can Move Forward

We firmly believe in providing our clients with a fresh financial start. To that end, we will work hard to ensure we are pursuing the most appropriate debt relief solutions in your situation. We will always give you personalized service and one-on-one attention, so you can rest easy knowing you have a lawyer who is truly dedicated to helping you.

Contact Park & Nguyen, A Law Firm On Your Side

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